Reviews for Literary Lost

I’m so pleased to share these positive reviews for my upcoming book, Literary Lost. To pre-order the book, see the link to Amazon below.

“I did not need to be convinced that the recently completed Lost was a series of great complexity and depth, one of the most narratively rich in the history of the medium, but I was not prepared to discover the Lost Sarah Clarke Stuart discovers in this important and insightful book. By diving deeper than any critic has to-date into Lost’s intertextuality, by asking questions nobody so far had thought to ask, Stuart not only takes our understanding of a small-screen masterwork to a whole new level; she also builds ready-to-be crossed bridges between one-time adversaries: literature and television.”

– David Lavery, co-author of Lost’s Buried Treasures

“I’ve been arguing for decades that not only is television not inimical to literacy, it is a great ally of reading.  Sarah Clarke Stuart’s Literary Lost provides a brilliant, meticulous, soaring and satisfying proof of that proposition.  Her tour-de-force analysis examines the roles of nearly a hundred books in Lost, ranging from the Holy Qu’run to the Wizard of Oz. The television series had highs and lows of narrative; Stuart’s work has only highs, and is destined to become a classic in television studies.”

– Paul Levinson, author of New New Media, and The Plot to Save Socrates

Pre-order Literary Lost at Amazon


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