Pre-finale Sentiments: A Note on “The End” and the Purpose of Lost (NOT a spoiler)

As the global tribe of Lostians gathers around the flickering light of broadcast television tonight, the anticipation is high. Unlike some fans, I am eager for it to be over, not because I’ve grown tired of the series, but because I can’t wait to work with a complete narrative, to discuss the text in its entirety.

So what do we want from the finale? Well, it’s just a television show, just like any story is “just a story.” What can we expect from fiction? What is the purpose of spinning yarns in the first place? Because anyone who has ever been captivated by a tall tale knows that there is a purpose.

Like all good storytellers, the creative forces behind Lost are expected to enchant us while providing meaning within the narrative, and any good resolution should bring some sort of order to the fictional cosmos that has been established. An ending does not require a list of answers, but it should demonstrate that the central conflicts transpired for a reason. Like Jacob’s fire, the story will soon be extinguished, but its spirit will be preserved through those who choose to protect it, if it is worthy of being protected.

So here’s hoping that the final hours of Lost will simply do what a story is meant to do: delight, entertain and, just maybe, reveal a profound message or two. Happy watching!


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