Through the Looking Glass and What Kate Does There

Caution: there are a few spoilers here for Season 6, Episode 3, “What Kate Does”

So far, in the flash sideways scenes, we have seen Claire going into labor with Kate by her side, Ethan Goodspeed monitoring the progress of mother and unborn child, John providing Jack with a more spiritual understanding of the universe, Kate running, tracking (Claire) and escaping “capture,” and Jack rescuing Charlie from near-death. What else should we expect from this “Looking Glass” world? Will Michael lose Walt to child services? Will Jack assume a leadership position? Will Kate adopt Aaron?

In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, the people from Alice’s real life are manifested as kings and queens and talking animals. She works out her interior conflicts and coming of age struggles within a fantasy world in the same way that the characters of Lost bring their personal issues with them through time, space and splintered  reality. I have a feeling that, though the details will be different, ultimately the mode of redemption for each character will have its mirror reflection in the “Sideways” universe, for lack of a better term.

According to the philosophy of Lost thus far, it seems that whether in the original storyline or the splintered universe, the characters will have to endure the same amount of pain, loss and heartache and enjoy equal amounts of joy, purpose and redemption. I guess it is possible to interpret their island life as a dream sequence, like Alice’s story, now that we have this new timeline, but whether both realities are “real” or not, I think the looking glass metaphor is an effective one. It provides narrative balance (yin and yang of the story) in a TV show that prizes dualism (science and faith, for instance) and also would follow the rules of Ms. Hawking’s theory of Course Correction.


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  1. Agreed. Season 3 is key!

    There is a discussion of LOST happening at my blog right now. I invite you to be a part of it!


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